Baronial elections – candidates

Greetings to the Populace of Dragon Dormant,

The candidacy period of the polling has concluded and it is my pleasure to announce the names of those who have offered to serve as the next coronets of our fair L’Ile du Dragon Dormant.

Dame Leana Doucet & Domn Reinhart Basarab Draculesti

Sir Pellandres dit le Frère

The website will be updated soon with information about each of the candidates.

All candidates above are worthy to serve in their own way and known to most of you already. This is your time to get to know them better, question them as you will and understand in what direction they want to move the Barony in the future.

In the upcoming polling, you will each use your vote as a paid member of the Barony to inform their majesties and their heirs of the will of the people when they choose who will represent the crown in L’ile du Dragon Dormant.

A meet-the-candidates session will be announced shortly with a general question session to be had for the people of IDD.

Until then, may all the candidates enjoy this spotlight opportunity to share their goals and further inspire the people of our barony.

In service,
Angharad verch Moridic