Baronial officers

   End of term
BaronessHer Excellency Jeanne de RobinMarch 2019
BaronneHer Excellency Genovefa ClericaMarch 2019
Lady Angharad verch Moriddig
The Seneschal is in charge of the day-to-day business of
keeping the barony going. They are the legal representative
of the Barony
November 2019
ExchequerHer Excellency Sile Dhubh inghean Mhic an MhadaidhSeptember 2019
PoursuivantTalia da FirenzeInterim
Knight marshalSeigneur Peter de BracebridgeJune 2020
Captain of fencersTo be determine
Captain of archers Cúán an Saigteóir mac Fintain IrriusMarch 2020
Minister of the lists Lady Angharad Verch MoriddigNovember 2019
Minister of arts & sciencesHer Excellency Cellach Dhonn Inghean Mhic an MhadaidhMarch 2019
ChatelaineDame Maud de BracebridgeNovember 2019
QuatermasterSeigneur Peter de BracebridgeMarch 2020
WebministerSeigneur Eudes de CreullyJuly 2019