Baronial officers

   End of term
BaronHis Excellency Reinhart Basarab DraculestiMarch 2022
BaronessHer Excellency Léana DoucetMarch 2022
Lord Olan Blackhand
The Seneschal is in charge of the day-to-day business of
keeping the barony going. They are the legal representative
of the Barony
November 2019
ExchequerLord Julien CeanneidighOctober 2021
PoursuivantHer excellency Sile Dhubh inghean Mhic an MhadaidhJanuary 2023
Knight marshalSir Pellandres dit le frèreMars 2024
Captain of fencersDame Ameline de FleuryMay 2023
Captain of archersto be determined
Minister of the listsMistress Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an MhadaidhAugust 2022
Minister of arts & sciencesDame Hemma Eilika Schweinfurt von NürnbergMarch 2019
ChatelaineLady Cacht Mhor Inghean Mhic An MhadaidhOctober 2021
ChroniclerPerla RuffiniMars 2024
Quatermasterto be determined
WebministerLady Maerwynn in danskaJuly 2023
Social MediaLady Maerwynn in danskaJuly 2023