Photo by Brendan Crane
Onto their most esteemed baronne and baroness of this fair Isle, Jeanne de Robin and Genovefa, Clerica, and to their most gracious seneschal, Angharad verch Morridig, does Pellandres, dit le frere, knight, Baron Dragon Dormant, companion of the Silver Crescent and the Tygers Combattant, bestowee of Her Grace Isabella’s Queen Order of Courtesy, Pilgrim of Havre des Glaces and holder of Squamifer’s Fortune, send greetings.

This will come to no surprise to their Excellencies as I had the occasion to breach the subject at a recent occasion while traveling to our neighbors’ lands of Havre des Glaces. After our baroness, Jeanne, announced that she would travel to her estate and her sister would eventually head back to the service of her teacher in England, I started pondering on my role in this Society.

Searching Heart and Soul, I have concluded that I bear no kingly desires currently. I do not aspire to reign over the East or TirMara, should these lands secede, to my utmost worry, from it’s parent kingdom.

It led me to wonder what I, a simple man-at-arms, having done well for himself and his family, could bring to our region? What endeavor could I strive for in the coming years? How could I, now a Peer of the Realm, serve my group? For a strong local group means good support for the Principality AND the Kingdom.

Therefore, I would ask you to consider allowing me, pertinent of course to the wishes of our lieges of the East, and that of the people of this fair Isle, to once more take the actual mantle of baron OF Dragon Dormant, and not just the title as it’s founding Excellence.

I asked my lady, baroness Valeria Laskaris, and she acquiesces to my wishes, yet sees me as standing alone on the See, not share it with Another, that being reserved to our common origin and memories.

These being my few words as drafted by my good scribe Jacques. Long have his fingers suffered my long winded tongue, may his health be celebrated.

Sir Pellandres dit le Frère
Written on this windy night, April 4, AS LII