Practices & Meetings

New this year: season passes.

We are losing money on the fighting and archery practices due to inconsistent attendance and our low fees. We are going to make a season pass available to all fighters, fencers and archers. Those who choose to subscribe will benefit from a rebate of approximately 30% (vs paying per individual practice). Passes will cover admission to all of the practices (heavy fighting, fencing and archery), however they DO NOT include the loaner gear fees for archery.

There will be 3 season passes available for the year as follows:

September 1st to December 31st (15 practices) - $50
January 1st to May 31st (22 practices) - $75
June 1st - August 31st - (13 practices) - $45

Payment will be due in full at the first practice of the season. If payment is late, there will be no reimbursement for previous practices. Passes will not be pro-rated. There will be no partial refunds if a subscriber decides mid-season that they no longer wish to use their pass (with possible exceptions for extenuating circumstances, ie. medical reasons).

The marshals will maintain a list of subscribers that will be checked at each practice. Sign in will still be required.

In the unlikely event that practices can not take place (power outages, lack of marshals, etc.), partial refunds may be offered. Request for such refunds will need to be made in writing and will be evaluated by the Curia on a case-by-case basis.


Practices take place weekly. There is a single $5.00 weekly admission fee for fencing and heavy combat, whether you attend one or several nights. There is a single $5.00 weekly admission fee for archery plus an additionnal $2.00 for equipment rental. There is no admission fee charged for outdoor practices. Everyone is welcome!

Loaner gear may be available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact the officer in charge for more details. For heavy & rapier combat, a jockstrap is required.

Arts & Sciences Meetings

Most A & S meetings are held on a Wednesday night at different member's homes in and around Montreal.
Please check the email list or our Facebook page you will see posts of those who will be hosting this weeks A&S meeting

Arts & Sciences Page

Please email for information and/or directions.

Metalsmith Guild

The L'Île du Dragon Dormant Metalsmith's Guild (IDDMG) is a group to discuss, learn, and share the art and science of metal work.

Our guild currently practices many metal-related crafts including but not limited to: working with various metals, jewelry, lamp work (glass and bead making), leathercrafting, bookbinding, and the making of armor.

Be they crafts of flame and pliers, hammer and anvil or file and saw, all metal-related arts and skills that members wish to share are very welcome in the IDDMG.

If interested, please join our Facebook group where upcoming meetings, the dates of workshops, and general information can be found.

For more information on the IDDMG, please contact Lady Gaeira Aggadottir

IDD Scriptorium

Please contact Master Borujin Acilaldai for information regarding the Baronial Scriptorium.

Mondays 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Summer: Girouard Park (corner Girouard and Sherbrooke West)

Automn and winter: The Green Center 1090 Avenue Greene, Westmount, Québec H3Z 1Z9 Map

Newcomers are strongly encouraged to contact the Captain of Fencers before attending to confirm, as the time and/or location of the practice may change on short notice.


Hello Fencers!

There is soon to be a new update to the Society Rapier rules that will require off the head helmet inspection. Padding or an appropriate suspension system will be required from the time it is published. Start checking your gear now to update it before it is mandatory.

The details can be found here:

Master Borujin Acilaldai
Deputy of Fence
Tir Mara West

"When I was a boy I dreamt of being Robin Hood on one of the Merry Men's epic swashbuckling adventures. In my mind I was in the tower getting shot at by archers, vanquishing Guy of Gisborne in the forest and saving the lives of those who could not fight for themselves. Almost every later hero, from D'Artagnan to Zorro to Scaramouche owes a great debt to those Robin Hood tales of derring-do (daring to do). Even Mal, the anti-hero, picks up a sword at some point in his adventures.

Ever since, I always wanted a chance to pick up a sword "with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad" but without the bloodshed. The SCA has given me that chance, and I know my friends and I would love to share the love of steel with you. " - Don John Radburn

Tuesdays 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Wesley United Church (basement)
5964 Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Blvd., Montreal

Archery is open to anyone, all you need is to take our safety class and you're good to go. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. First time is free, thereafter it is $5.00 per practice plus an additional $2 for equipment rental.

For any information regarding archery practice, please contact the Captain of Archers.

 Armored Combat
Mondays 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Summer: Girouard Park (corner Girouard and Sherbrooke West)
Please note outdoor practices are not official, and are not endorsed by the SCA.

Automn and winter: The Centre Green 1090 Avenue Greene, Westmount, Québec H3Z 1Z9 Map

Newcomers are strongly encouraged to contact the Knight Marshal before attending to confirm, as the details of the practice may change on short notice.

Check out our Facebook group

General Meetings

Curia Meetings

Dragon Dormant's officers meet regularly. Meetings start between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm and are open to all. Please contact your officers for the next scheduled meeting.

General Assemblies (Moots)

Several times a year, the general populace of Dragon Dormant meets to discuss Baronial business and elect new officers as necessary. This also being a social occasion, the populace is invited to wear their best period finery and to bring food to share.