Baronial Officers

Baroness: Her Excellency Jeanne de Robin
Baronne: Her Excellency Genovefa Clerica
Seneschal: Lady Angharad verch Moriddig

The Seneschal is in charge of the day-to-day business of keeping the barony going. They are the legal representative of the Barony

Exchequer: Lady Sile Dhubh inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh

The Exchequer is in charge of the money raised by the group, including the money people pay to attend events and money donated to the group. She is responsible for handling the group's expenses (such as paying for event sites).

Poursuivant: Lady Leana Doucet
Knight Marshal: Lord Peter de Bracebridge

The Knight Marshal organizes practices for our armoured combattants.

Captain of Fencers: To be determined

The Captain of Fence organizes practices for rapier.

Captain of Archers: Dominus Tiberius Sergius Valens

The Captain of Archers organizes practices for archery.

Minister of the Lists (MOL): Lady Angharad verch Moriddig
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady Cellach Dhonn Inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh

Arts and Sciences are just what they sound like. The line between what is an "art" and what is a "science" is often blurred, hence one person organizes workshops in both areas, and helps people find others to help them in specific areas of interest.

Chatelaine : Lady Maud de Bracebridge

The Castellan is the person who helps newcomers. If you are newly joining the SCA, or just visiting an event because the pavilions caught your eye as you drove past, this is the person who will answer your questions. And if he can't, he'll help you find someone who can. She also is the person to contact if you would like our group to put on a demonstration for your school or event.

Chronicler: Domn Reinhart Basarab Draculesti
Webminister: Lord Eudes de Creully

The Web Minister is responsible for updating and taking care of the website for the Barony, including news, event updates and other useful content.