Carnival of New Moon ****UPDATE*** July, Friday 21, 2017 - July Sunday 23, 2017

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Hosted by: Avonmore
Event Detials:
Under the darkness of the new moon, the wagons slip in. The Carnival is back in town. Under the night's darkness, they busily set up the games for the upcoming carnival. By dawn's first light, the Carnival of New Moon is ready to entertain young and old alike...especially the young and the young at heart.

Games of chance, games of skill await all who want to experience the Carnival of New Moon.¬

Clear your calendars one and all, for the opportunity to experience the wonders and the marvels of the Carnival of New Moon.

Scheduled activities are as follows. A whole myriad of games for young and old alike. Returning is the ever popular "fish toss", stilt races, and a host of new games. Also, marshaled activities for the young at heart: fencing, heavy, archery, thrown weapons (pending a martial). 

Test your skills in the culinary arts in our cooking competition over an open fire.

Event Fees:
Adults      $20                                    	A $5.00 Discount with proof of Adult Membership   
Teens       $13.00     	 		Teens will be defined as 13-17 years of age
Youths     $5.00 				Youths will be defined as 6-12
Children    Free                                     Children will be defined as 5 and under
Family       $55.00    			A $5.00 Discount with proof of Adult Membership                    
 Defined as 2 Adults and 2 Youths living under the same roof

Feast Fees:

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Event Autocrat:
SCA Name       Lord Martin NutCrusher
Modern Name    Matthew Brennan