Carnival of New Moon June, Friday 16, 2017 - June Sunday 18, 2017

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Hosted by: Avonmore
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Transport yourself to a place where history and fantasy merge into a breathtaking world at the New Moon Carnival. This wondrous event transforms sunny shores of Northumberland Straight into a medieval wonderland. Come for the exquisite joy and fun of a variety of games, cheer at the rapier championships. Gorge on the day board and Feast as well as the sights and sounds of the carnival, and leave with the taste of history on your lips and doublet. Our Carnival will beguile young and old, and won’t cost a king’s ransom.
Children are very much encouraged to attend this event as many activities will allow them to challenge their skills against those of the adults. Stilt races, fish tossing and grabbing a sheep at the gallop are just a few of the challenges that await you.

--- Never let it be said that you refused a challenge from an 8 year old! ---

Join our merchants, jesters and bards as we celebrate the warming weather. Bring your armour and blades, find the favour of a young lord or lady and defeat their foes to win them glory. Bring your bows, throwing daggers, spears and axes. Step up to the line and show off the skills we know you love to brag about. If you are truly daring take a polar bear dip in the icy Northumberland Straight.

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