Middleground VIII May, Friday 19, 2017 - May Sunday 21, 2017

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Hosted by: Lyndhaven
Event Detials:
As the ice retreats from the easternmost shores of our lands and the black flies emerge from their winter slumber the good gentles of our fair East Kingdom meet again on this middle-ground in the Shire of Lyndhaven.

The fighters will unsheathe their swords, arrows will fly, and bards will compose ballads to stir hearts to defend their cause. It is not a simple boundary dispute that brings us together. No, this is the conflict that tears apart families, divides friends, and crosses all borders.

On this fine weekend in May we will see two forces clash to once and forever determine the winner of that most divisive issue of all.

My good lords and ladies, we invite you to MIDDLEGROUND VIII – CAKE versus PIE!

Which side will crumble, and which side will taste sweet victory?

War Points will be awarded for:
– heavy combat
– rapier
– archery
– thrown weapons
– all teachers of scheduled classes in the schola
– best performer at bardic night

Additional activities include:
– swainmote (court) of the Royal Foresters Guild
– opening night Pas D'Arms tournament
- at least 1 royal round (archery) each day, plus challenging themed shoots
- the event site is lakeside and the lake is considered "off site" however canoes and angling are allowed (anglers and paddlers must follow all provincial rules regarding their activity)

Event Fees:
Registration Fees (includes site fee and light mid-day fare on Saturday)
Adult (19+):  $18 *
Youth (6 to 18): $8
Child (5 and under): free

* Adult SCA members will receive a $5 member discount on these fees.

All prices in Canadian dollars, American money at par.

Feast Fees:
No feast.

Send Reservations to:
Amy Lynn Nantel
885 Mollins Dr.
Saint John, New Brunswick E2M 4L7

Phone or Text: 506-645-8264

Email: amy.nantel@gmail.com

Event Autocrat:
Lady Doccia Vacha
mka Amy Lynn Nantel
506-645-8264 (phone or text)