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Seneschal of Dragon Dormant (pdf)

OYEZ! OYEZ! OYEZ! Ladies and Lords! In october 2017, our Seneschal Master Borujin Acilaldai will leave his post after 4 years of good and loyal services. For more details, click on the link above. If you are interested in the position, contact the

What does a seneschal do :
The Seneschal is an interface between the real world's legal system as it affects your local area, and the game that is the SCA as it is played there. Local Seneschals receive reports from their officers, and from these reports and your own activities within your office, you compile a report for the Kingdom Seneschal on a quarterly basis. Seneschals are responsible for the "Care and Feeding" of the group and generally ensure that procedures are followed, events happen and the group is working well together. Bilingualism (French and English) is highly recommended.

Wyrm Words

Wyrm Words is the Barony's Newsletter, distributed for free at regular practices and events.

Spring 2016 (pdf)
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Spring 2013 (pdf)

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Curia May 16 2016 (pdf)

Curia March 15 2016 (pdf)

Curia January 18 2016 (pdf)

Curia November 17 2015 (pdf)

Curia July 21 2015 (pdf)

Curia December 2 2014 (pdf)

Curia January 21 2014 (pdf)

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Refund Form (pdf)

Constitution v1.2 (pdf)
Constitution v1.0 (pdf)
Amendments to v1.0 (pdf)
Constitution v1.1 (pdf)

Standard Operating Procedures (pdf)


These are the fliers currently being distributed at public events.

English Flier (pdf)
French Flier (pdf)

Event Templates

These are the templates for new event bid.

Event announcement (Word)
Budget proposal (Excel)

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Original Squamifer artwork (pdf)
Updated Squamifer artwork (svg) Limited Rights - please contact Genovefa Clerica for more information.